Gustavo Castro is one of the many aspects that reside in the body of a guy that has read and written a lot of weirdness. I didn’t fit at school, I don’t fit with academics or with practitioners and having grown tired of people that only publish their buddies and stuff that lies on their comfort zone, I have decided to publish my own stuff for free for you to enjoy (or not). Let the chips fall where they may.

 What I intend to upload to this webpage is a set of short story and essay compilations that follow a theme. The first three books have 3 essays that sort of establish the rules of the game for the 9 short stories that develop the idea. The first book is about Time (Chrone), the second about Matter (Materia) and the third one about Memory (Mnemone), with more to come thereafter.

A pop culture description of this whole ordeal would be if Borges had a drunken fling with Bergson and the resulting lovechild had the Mars Volta as a godfather. This is part of a lifelong conscious (and unconscious) rebellion against materialistic-objective-deterministic viewpoints that ignore spiritual, subjective and complex aspects that this world has to offer. To me, many of the short stories have practical aspects that I deem as often neglected, or to put it this way: Is Luna Lovegood really ethereal, impractical and out of touch with reality or are we all overly materialistic, impractical and out of touch with reality?


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