Gustavo Castro is one of the many aspects that reside in the body of a guy that has read and written a lot of weirdness. 

What I intend to upload to this webpage is a set of short story and essay compilations that follow a theme.

The first three books have 3 essays that sort of establish the rules of the game for the 9 short stories that develop the idea. The first book is about Time (Chrone), the second about Matter (Materia) and the third one about Memory (Mnemone). On the second triad, I have two essays for seven short stories. The fourth book is about Dreams (Oniria), the fifth is about Forms (Forma) and the sixth is about Cosmospiritual Energy  (Elan) that resemble and not what Star Wars did with The Force.

A pop culture description of this whole ordeal would be if Borges had a drunken fling with Bergson and the resulting lovechild had The Mars Volta as a godfather. This is part of a lifelong conscious (and unconscious) rebellion against materialistic-objective-deterministic viewpoints that ignore spiritual, subjective and complex aspects that this world has to offer. To me, many of the short stories have practical aspects that I deem as often neglected, or to put it this way: Is Luna Lovegood really ethereal, impractical and out of touch with reality or are we all overly materialistic, impractical and out of touch with reality?



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